Individuals and Families

Finding Your Course

We help guide individuals and families with personalized financial planning, investment management, and retirement planning solutions. We work closely with you to help you find the best course of action to pursue your financial goals.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Strategic planning designed to help keep you on track toward achieving your unique financial goals.

We work with you on establishing your plan, implementing your plan, and monitoring your progress over time. We help you adjust and modify your plan as your financial situation changes and your family’s goals evolve.

Investment Management

Your investment portfolio should be highly personalized because your investment needs, goals, and concerns are different from those of other families. We work closely with you to help develop and manage a portfolio that fits your unique investor profile.

Your profile may be determined by your amount of investable assets, time horizon, and comfort level with risk. We take each of these key factors into consideration to develop a personalized investment strategy that is designed just for you.


Because your retirement years may span decades, retirement planning often dominates other financial goals. Proper planning involves evaluating your current financial standing and creating an accumulation strategy that will help you enjoy your desired retirement lifestyle.

A successful plan put in place during your wealth-building years should address ways to help maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions throughout your retirement years. You can also consider how best to leave retirement assets to your next generation.

Common Concerns

These are some of the prevalent questions our clients look to us to help answer.

Am I saving enough for retirement or my child’s education?

How much is enough? How much do I need to accumulate?

How can we prepare for healthcare costs in retirement?

Will my family be ok if something happens to me?

Do you think Social Security will still be around when I retire?

I need X amount of money. Which account should I take it from?

How do we take income from our nest egg? How much can we spend?

Do we have any financial blind spots?

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