George M. Bowen, CFP®, AIF®, AEP®

George M. Bowen, CFP®, AIF®, AEP®


It may sound crazy, but I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a financial planner. It started when I received Burton Malkiel's book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street on my 12th birthday. Yes, my 12th birthday! Coming from a long line of accountants, numbers were in my blood. My grandfather started his CPA firm in 1946 after working for the IRS. My father and uncle took over for him in the 1960s, and my sister joined the firm in the 1980s. I worked there throughout high school and joined the firm after college in 1992. However, at the time you couldn't be an accountant and a financial planner, so I left to start my journey. That was not a great day for my father, but he supported me 100%. I think he appreciated the fact that I was chasing my dream.

After owning and running a bar in Manhattan—yes, I have plenty of stories to tell—I moved to Massachusetts and started working with Merrill Lynch. Their training program was great, but the fit wasn't. I believed in the power of the financial plan, and they did not. I was fortunate to land with an independent firm and truly began working as a financial planner. That was 2002 and I haven't looked back since. You could say that Charted Wealth is the culmination of all that hard work. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey on my own ship!

I grew up plying the waters around Montauk, New York, and still spend as much time as possible there. A typical weekend for us includes paddleboarding in the early morning, harvesting clams and oysters during the day, and fishing at night. My father loved to surf-cast, and fortunately, he passed that on to my brother and me. In 2005, I caught the Holy Grail; a 50-pound striper from the surf. The best part was that my brother was there with me. I'm happy to say that my daughters have also grown up fishing. They have both turned into competitive anglers, at least with each other. Although I think their favorite part is eating the catch!

Janet and I got married in 2004 and were blessed with Grace in 2006, and Anna in 2008. I quickly became outnumbered in our house. Janet and I both grew up skiing with our families, so our girls learned at the age of three. They can now rip up the ski slopes and enjoy skiing with our extended family (grandma and grandpas) as well! In the winter, you will find us on the ski slopes of Vermont or New Hampshire almost every weekend.

I feel blessed to be where I am in life and strive to pass that along to everyone I meet. For the past 10 years, I have been involved quite a bit with my alma mater, St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. What started as a talk on retirement has expanded to my roles as a mentor, career advisor, panelist, and speaker. My involvement with the St. Michael's students has driven me to do more in the areas of financial literacy, diversity in financial services, and promoting equal opportunity for all. Stay tuned to Charted Wealth for more on this topic!