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We're passionate about doing the best for our clients and our community. - George Bowen

One Year Celebration

One Year Celebration

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Our knowlegeable and skilled professionals have the experience you can rely on. As advocates for our clients, we serve as the captain of their financial ship. We’ll also work with your other trusted professionals to help navigate smooth sailing on your journey.

George M. Bowen

George M. Bowen, CFP®, AIF®, AEP®



It may sound crazy, but I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a financial planner. It started when I received Burton Malkiel's book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street on my 12th birthday. Yes, my 12th birthday! Coming from a long line of accountants, numbers were in my blood. My grandfather started his CPA firm in 1946 after working for the IRS. My father and uncle took over for him in the 1960s, and my sister joined the firm in the 1980s. I worked there throughout high school and joined the firm after college in 1992.  However, at the time you couldn't be an accountant and a financial planner, so I left to start my journey. That was not a great day for my father, but he supported me 100%. I think he appreciated the fact that I was chasing my dream.

After owning and running a bar in Manhattan—yes, I have plenty of stories to tell—I moved to Massachusetts and started working with Merrill Lynch. Their training program was great, but the fit wasn't. I believed in the power of the financial plan, and they did not. I was fortunate to land with an independent firm and truly began working as a financial planner. That was 2002 and I haven't looked back since. You could say that Charted Wealth is the culmination of all that hard work. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey on my own ship!

I grew up plying the waters around Montauk, New York, and still spend as much time as possible there. A typical weekend for us includes paddleboarding in the early morning, harvesting clams and oysters during the day, and fishing at night. My father loved to surf-cast, and fortunately, he passed that on to my brother and me. In 2005, I caught the Holy Grail; a 50-pound striper from the surf. The best part was that my brother was there with me. I'm happy to say that my daughters have also grown up fishing. They have both turned into competitive anglers, at least with each other. Although I think their favorite part is eating the catch!

Janet and I got married in 2004 and were blessed with Grace in 2006, and Anna in 2008. I quickly became outnumbered in our house. Janet and I both grew up skiing with our families, so our girls learned at the age of three. They can now rip up the ski slopes and enjoy skiing with our extended family (grandma and grandpas) as well! In the winter, you will find us on the ski slopes of Vermont or New Hampshire almost every weekend. 

I feel blessed to be where I am in life and strive to pass that along to everyone I meet. For the past 10 years, I have been involved quite a bit with my alma mater, St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. What started as a talk on retirement has expanded to my roles as a mentor, career advisor, panelist, and speaker. My involvement with the St. Michael's students has driven me to do more in the areas of financial literacy, diversity in financial services, and promoting equal opportunity for all. Stay tuned to Charted Wealth for more on this topic!

Jim Davos

Jim Davos, CFP®, AIF®, CPFA®



I'm a planner by nature. That's who I am and that's what I do; whether figuring out a family vacation or a client's retirement income plan, the process is the same. Clarify the goals and priorities; chart the course; then, be ready to adapt—because life inevitably happens. 

My path to Charted Wealth began when I interviewed a financial advisor for a high school project. That experience led me to a finance degree from Bentley University, where I first interned at an investment bank, and then immediately joined New England Financial upon graduation in 2001.

I enjoyed working with people and helping them make smart financial decisions with their money—but I wanted to join an independent company without any product requirements to best serve my clients. Commonwealth Financial Network® was a mile down the road, and they have a great reputation within our industry, so I was happy to join one of their advisor groups in 2010, Capital Management Partners. The independent world has been a perfect fit, allowing me to truly help people while continuing to grow as a fiduciary. I've served as a fiduciary to my clients since 2012 when I earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation; continued with the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) designation in 2016, and became a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) in 2020. 

Now, as a founder of Charted Wealth, I've taken the final steps and made the necessary licensing updates to only offer advisory services as a legal fiduciary, which means I only work for the best interest of my clients. Through Charted Wealth, I'm excited to champion the importance of financial literacy because of the positive impact it has on our clients, their families, and communities. Money doesn't buy happiness, but the comfort of financial security does help people to lead fuller lives. 

My wife, Jess, graduated from Syracuse University where she played lacrosse. Jess spent most of her career as a college lacrosse coach with stops at Bentley, Bryant, Harvard, and UAlbany. She recently started working as a lobbyist, so she could enjoy our own kids' games instead of being on the road with her team or on recruiting trips. 

We have two daughters, Lexi, born in 2009, and Ashley, born in 2011, who keep us busy with swimming, sailing, soccer, skiing, and of course, lacrosse. The girls wanted a puppy for years and finally won us over with an impressive PowerPoint presentation resulting in the addition of Skipper Marley to the Davos family. I'm not sure which was more of a proud-dad moment—watching the PowerPoint or hearing the final name choice, which meant that my kids actually liked my music!

When we're not working or at a child's event, you'll usually find us sailing in the waters off Cape Cod during the summer and skiing the Adirondacks through the winter. Our daughters have amassed an impressive and ever-growing sea glass collection, which is partially on display at the office. 

I've spent my career navigating clients through an increasingly complex financial world. I'd be happy to see if I can help you, as well.

Maria Bethune

Maria Bethune

Director of Client Services


My career in the world of finance started right after graduating from Bridgewater State University, where I received a bachelor's degree in business management. I started working for Fidelity Investments in downtown Boston and was immersed quickly into mutual funds and how they operated. I learned that I had a true passion for this fast-paced, detail-orientated, and very reactive environment.

After about 12 years and serving in many roles with an eventual promotion to a Senior Financial Analyst, I opted to leave Fidelity to dedicate my time to my three young, very involved children. I did this for about five years before joining Capital Management Partners in 2003. 

For the past five years, I have worked as the assistant to one of the founders of Charted Wealth, George Bowen. The passion and dedication that both founders have for this business and their clients has led me to this new adventure at Charted Wealth. 

What I love about this job are the clients. Working closely with them to service their needs has allowed me to connect with them about their families, vacations, jobs, grandchildren, and life events. While yes, they are clients, I feel as if they are part of our family at Charted Wealth.

I am a life-long resident of the North Shore, which is about 20 minutes north of Boston. My husband, Dave, who I have been blessed to spend the past 30 years with, and I, have three children, Hannah, Wil, and Madison, with a chocolate lab puppy soon to arrive. 

When I am not working, you can find me spending time with family and friends at the beach, going for long walks, entertaining at my home, vacationing on Block Island, or planning my next travel adventure.

My favorite quote that I often reference is by Friedrich Nietzsche: "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."

Rachel Bowles

Rachel Bowles

Financial Assistant


Growing up in a family of educators allowed me to see the significant impact they had on children’s lives both inside and outside of the classroom. I always knew I wanted to have a positive influence, so I majored in Sociology at the University at Albany, where I landed a Lacrosse scholarship and went on to receive my Master’s in Social Work.  

My first job after college was as a case worker for a community-based non-profit organization. I developed trusting relationships with my clients to guide them beyond their respective traumatic experiences and improve their mental health. This allowed them to achieve their goals at home, school, and beyond.

I never expected to work in the financial industry but my desire to help people brought me to Charted Wealth. Plus, as a former athlete I appreciate working in a team environment towards a common purpose. The dedication and goal-oriented approach that Charted Wealth represents has allowed me to connect both fields.  

Even my spare time is spent on altruistic hobbies. My mother taught me how to experiment in the kitchen, which developed my passion for baking goodies that are often given to friends and family. She also taught me how to crochet. I’ve spent many years perfecting crochet patterns to create blankets that I also gift to others.  

Summer is my favorite time of year which I love spending at The Great Sacandaga Lake. You’ll usually find me boating, fishing, swimming, and making my world-famous peanut butter cup s’mores.  

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