Rachel  Bowles

Rachel Bowles

Financial Assistant

Growing up in a family of educators allowed me to see the significant impact they had on children’s lives both inside and outside of the classroom. I always knew I wanted to have a positive influence, so I majored in Sociology at the University at Albany, where I landed a Lacrosse scholarship and went on to receive my Master’s in Social Work.

My first job after college was as a case worker for a community-based non-profit organization. I developed trusting relationships with my clients to guide them beyond their respective traumatic experiences and improve their mental health. This allowed them to achieve their goals at home, school, and beyond.

I never expected to work in the financial industry but my desire to help people brought me to Charted Wealth. Plus, as a former athlete I appreciate working in a team environment towards a common purpose. The dedication and goal-oriented approach that Charted Wealth represents has allowed me to connect both fields.

Even my spare time is spent on altruistic hobbies. My mother taught me how to experiment in the kitchen, which developed my passion for baking goodies that are often given to friends and family. She also taught me how to crochet. I’ve spent many years perfecting crochet patterns to create blankets that I also gift to others.

Summer is my favorite time of year which I love spending at The Great Sacandaga Lake. You’ll usually find me boating, fishing, swimming, and making my world-famous peanut butter cup s’mores.